Private French lessons
in and around Zurich

Learn French in the comfort of your home or office, or in our classrooms in central Zurich.

French Lessons

Why should you choose a teacher?

  • Quality. Your teacher will be qualified and experienced, and a native speaker of French.

  • Flexibility. You can choose when and where the French lessons take place. Whether you are a beginner or at advanced level, your lessons will be designed to fit your goals exactly.

  • Guarantee. Take a no-obligation trial lesson to ensure that you have the right French teacher for you

  • Simplicity. Book your trial lesson in just a few clicks and start as early as this week! Taking French lessons has never been as quick and easy.

Why will private French lessons be great for me?

Make progress quickly - take private French lessons!

  • Time saver:

    • Make progress more quickly than in a class.

    • Your teacher can come to you. You don't have to spend time travelling to a school.

    • Speed things up with an intensive French course.

  • Flexibility:

    • Focus on the areas most important for you.

    • Have your French lesson at the best time and place for you.

    • Start immediately - no waiting for a course to start.

  • Value for money:

    • More talking time means more confidence in speaking French!

    • Your teacher can focus completely on you. All your questions will be answered, and weaknesses identified and addressed.

    • Get the score you need on your French exam (e.g. DILF, DELF, DALF, etc.) in the most time-efficient way.

    • 2 for the price of 1! Bring a friend at no extra charge.

★★★★☆ Expertise
★★★★☆ Flexibility
★★★★☆ Success

French in Zurich

What are our customers saying about us?

Corinne is a very sensitive and empathetic person, who is highly responsive to my needs as a language learner.
— A. Meienberg, French lessons

"Catherine is a friendly and positive person who really enjoys her work. This makes the time fly. She is also always at least five minutes early and knows exactly where we got up to last time."

— Nadia, French lessons

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Why is the right choice for me?

 Native speaker - you are guaranteed a French teacher who is a native speaker

✓ Personalised - French lessons at your level, focused on your needs

Professional - experienced and qualified French teachers

Flexible - you can learn when and where you want to

Hassle-free - friendly and personal

Successful learning - motivating lessons make reaching your goals fun

french private lessons in Zurich

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How do I get started with French lessons?

It’s very simple! We recommend starting with a no-obligation trial lesson before you decide on a package.

STEP 1 Book your no-obligation trial lesson.

STEP 2 Meet your teacher at your trial lesson.

STEP 3 Decide on the best package of lessons for you.


Take STEP 1 now!

Or contact us if you have any further questions.
We will be happy to hear from you.

044 - 586 26 56 
Monday -Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm

What type of French lessons can I choose?

You get a French lesson tailored to your needs!

Is French your cup of tea?

Is French your cup of tea?

  • Improve your Business French (presentations, negotiations, interviews, etc.), CCIP (La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris)

  • Perfect your everyday French (conversation skills, reading, etc.)

  • Prepare for an exam: DILF, DELF, DALF, etc.

  • Personalised intensive French courses in Zurich

  • Literature study (modern and classical literature)

  • French tutoring for high school students

No matter what your level is, we can help you improve your French. Whether you are at beginner or advanced level, you determine priorities with us, and we customise our teaching to your personal wishes and goals.

Where will my French lessons take place?

Our French teachers can come to your home or your workplace (Zurich city and region). This will save you both time and money! If you prefer your lessons to be elsewhere, we have classrooms in central Zurich, near Bellevue.

We teach both in and around Zurich! If you want your lessons in a location that is not a neighbouring municipality of the city of Zurich, contact us to find out if one of our great teachers lives near you!

What if I live and work outside the city of Zurich?

Study French when and where it suits you.

Study French when and where it suits you.

We also teach French outside the city of Zurich. If you would like lessons outside the city of Zurich, please contact us. With a bit of luck, one of our teachers may live close to you.

These are some of the places where we already give French private lessons:

Canton Zurich: Birmensdorf, Erlenbach, Horgen, Kloten, Küsnacht, Meilen, Schlieren, Thalwil, Wädenswil, Wallisellen, Winterthur, Witikon, Zollikon...
City of Zurich: Not just in the city centre but in Altstetten, Enge, Höngg, Oerlikon, Seefeld, Wiedikon, Wollishofen, ...

If your location is not on this list, please contact us! We will try our best to accommodate you.

When can I have my French lessons?

Use your valuable time more effectively and make French lessons more convenient for you. Learn French at a time that suits you.

How much does it cost to learn French?

Prices for French private lessons (1 or 2 people)
at your home or office in the city of Zurich

Help! I still don't know how much it costs to learn French!

No problem! Go to our complete price list to find out more about:

  • lessons in our centrally located classroom

  • lessons outside of the city of Zurich

  • group lessons (3 or more people)

Take your first step now!