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A selection of our teachers, translators and proofreaders

Academic Director
Teacher of English, GMAT / GRE, TOEFL & proofreader


English and GMAT teacher in Zurich

Master of Arts (Political Science), CELTA, Goethe Certificate C2 (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom), GMAT score: 770 (top 1% worldwide!), GRE score: in 2 sections of the test he scored more than 98% of all test takers worldwide.

Steve was very friendly and understanding as well as being highly skilled.
— Bettina Schindler, English lessons

Steve is a New Zealander and has been living in Zurich and teaching English, GMAT and GRE since 2002. He has taught in a range of settings from one-on-one all the way up to large seminars in university settings. Steve has successfully prepared clients for a wide range of examinations including Proficiency, Cambridge Advanced, First Certificate, the BEC exams, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT and SAT. His fluent German can provide an insight into the traps German speakers sometimes fall into in English. He also speaks fluent Spanish and some French. A lover of good conversation, Steve ensures lessons are a pleasure. Try his easy-going, flexible approach!

English teachers

English teacher, Italian - English translator and proofreader


M.A. Hons English (Aberdeen), M.St. General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (Oxon, Wolfson), CELTA

You realise that you are working with a linguist. Robert doesn’t just translate the words. At the same time he explains the meaning and etymology of the terms.
— P. Killer, English lessons

Alongside degrees in Literature and Linguistics, Robert has over two decades of experience teaching internationally in a wide range of corporate and academic settings. He has also built up a substantial track-record as a translator and proofreader, ranging from European politics and current affairs to Renaissance philosophy, German Enlightenment literature, Italian gastro-tourism, marketing and ophthalmology. Robert is what you might call a global citizen. Born in Italy to British parents, he grew up speaking English and Italian. A passionate traveller, writer and aikido practitioner he has worked and travelled in many far-flung destinations. Enjoy a conversation with Robert on just about anything to improve your small-talk. Or prepare for one of the Cambridge exams or the IELTS.

Robert is also one of our translators and proofreaders for English and Italian.

Jeremy English Teacher



Jeremy is an open and very communicative teacher, whose lessons are lively, varied and interesting. I really appreciate his cheerful approach, which I find very motivating.
— Vera Martin, English lessons

Jeremy is an Englishman who has been living and teaching in Zurich since 2012. He holds a TESOL qualification and has over 10 years experience teaching English in a variety of settings. He has done everything from helping children take their first steps with the language, to working with businesses and helping staff members improve their English skills. Jeremy is comfortable teaching groups or delivering personal tuition. Although he also speaks German and Spanish, his first love is the English language, and his past experience includes writing and developing plays for the English theatre.




Harry is from Cambridge and brings a little bit of Britain to each lesson. He creates a highly motivating environment for learning, and has a talent for quickly building the confidence of the learner (in particular their speaking skills). Harry uses a wealth of “real-world” experience when teaching English.

Harry identified my learning needs very well and coached me in these particular areas. It was a lot of fun and really helped me improve my English. Keep up the good work!
— Sylvia, 12 April 2018, English lessons

Prior to working at an International School in Zurich for seven years, he was a TV Producer in London. He covered two FIFA World Cups, the Champions League, Premier League and the London Olympics, working across Europe, North America, Asia and the Far East.

In his free time, Harry plays basketball, reads a lot, and is passionate about film. Apart from the irritating halftime breaks at the cinema, he loves life in Switzerland!

Andrea English Teacher


B.A. (Hons) in English Language Teaching , CELTA, Diploma in Business & Finance

Andrea is always 5 minutes early! She has a very kind nature and makes me laugh. She should stay just the way she is. Her punctuality, her sense of humour and her way of motivating her students is great! I’m very happy with her.
— Tamara V., English lessons

 I’m Andrea from the northeast of England. I have two passions in life: music and teaching English. I have been teaching for more years than I have fingers and toes to count on. It was a strange twist of fate, as I originally studied business and not teaching. However, I thank my lucky stars every day because I fell into the perfect job for me. As my passion for teaching developed, I decided to add to my qualifications. I went to university and got an honours degree in teaching English as a second language to adults. I’ve taught students at all levels in most industries including banking, insurance, engineering, chocolate making, real estate, retail, shipping and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few.



John’s doing a great job. He’s good at structuring the lessons. He does it in a way that makes learning fun.
— Alexandra, English lessons

B.A. Hons. Sociology, Geography and Political Science (NUIG), Masters of Education in Applied Linguistics (MEd.) (Open University), CELTA

John is originally from Galway City, Ireland and has been living in Switzerland since 2003. He is a native speaker of English, but he also speaks German. With over 15 years of experience teaching English, John joined after 7 years at Bezirksschule Windisch, where he was also a class teacher.

With vast experience in Cambridge PET, First Certificate, Advanced, Proficiency, BEC and IELTS, John specialises in fluency and activating passive English through speaking. He has conducted extensive research into blended learning and web assisted language learning in classroom settings. John has also written a novel, which he is preparing for publication.

Susan Englischlehrerin


M.A. (Hons) Deutsch und Italienisch, CTEFLA 

Susan is a highly skilled teacher. Her lessons were perfectly tailored to my needs and prepared me very well for my successful CAE. I was impressed by her work to challenge me in specific areas and increase my skill level and I really enjoyed her lessons. I can highly recommend Susan.
— Sandra M., private English lessons

Susan grew up in Scotland with British-Swiss parents and moved to Switzerland after her degree at Glasgow University and teacher-training in Edinburgh. Since then, she has taught English and done further training in all sorts of areas. These include working in colleges and companies, with schoolchildren and private individuals, helping learners pass exams, improve their job-skills, or simply learn English for their own enjoyment. Having studied languages herself, Susan has personal experience of learning as well as teaching them. This, together with her years in amateur theatre, has always informed her teaching and enables her to empathise with learners’ needs and difficulties. She loves languages, believes in the importance of communication, and is convinced that learning is most effective when it’s FUN!

Medical English teacher


Master of Arts (Biological Sciences), PhD (Molecular Biology), CELTA

Katie comes from England and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford and her post-graduate studies at University College London. A short stint at the BBC World Service convinced Katie she was more interested in the communication of science than research and she then spent several years within the medical communications field, working as a writer and editor on both academic publications and more general media, mainly in the UK charitable sector. After moving to Zurich, Katie retrained as an English teacher and now enjoys helping others communicate their ideas.

Learn English in Zurich with Rob


Master of Arts in English Literature

Excellent teaching, makes lessons easy and enriching. Could highly recommend Rob as your future teacher.
— A. D., English private lessons

Rob joined the team in August 2013. Prior to coming on board, he worked for seven years as a high school teacher, where he headed the English Literature Department. He holds an MA in English Literature from "The Open University", and is equally versed in ESL teaching, with 35 years of experience. In his free time, he enjoys reading and exploring Switzerland and Europe by bicycle.


B.A. Sociology (University of Saskatchewan), M.A. Conflict Studies (University of Ottawa), CELTA, Das Grosse Deutsche Sprachdiplom C2 (ZHAW 2019)

Lise joined Nativespeakers in March 2019. She has lived and worked in Zürich since moving to Switzerland in 1992. Prior to the move, Lise worked with Statistics Canada and Parks Canada. In Zürich, Lise has taught English from beginner to proficiency levels, including Cambridge Diplomas and Matura English. She has also worked in international communications including financial communications. Lise spent 7 years in leadership in adult education as well, where she led 5 teams of language diploma teachers. Following this she led a large team of English teachers from around the world. Lise loves the challenge of language learning and teaching, and has become especially attuned to the challenges in day-to-day communication between English and German speakers in business contexts, paying special attention to the differences in the cultures of communication. 

German teachers

Marina German Teacher


B.A. German and History

Marina was born and raised in Switzerland. She studied German and history at the University of Zurich, speaks fluent English and good French as well as her native languages of German and Swiss German. When she’s not teaching, she works in communication. The German language is her passion, which is evident in her lessons – she loves to convey the joy of learning German while responding very individually and professionally to the needs of each of her students. 

German teacher


Dr. phil. II Biochemistry, Certified Interaction Designer, MAS TanzKultur (Dance & Culture)

Irena comes across in a very natural way and is friendly, engaged and skilled.
— Heinz Zöllig, German lessons

Irena is a German teacher who brings enthusiasm and many years of experience to her lessons. She is a native speaker of German and is fluent in English and French. She has previously worked as an editor for technology and education in the Communications Department at ETH Zurich (Computer Science Division) and at the Hasler Foundation.
Irena also authors reports and publications in various scientific fields and is interested in global processes, personal development, art, music and cultural movements – but above all her focus is on her individual students in the classroom.


lic. phil. I General History, Philosophy, Economics; SVEB 1; TELC Examiner License; Further Education at the Goethe Institut: DaF Methodology and Didactics 

Whether discussing literature, films, good food and foreign countries, offering in-depth grammar training or preparation for a German exam – I love getting to know and working with my German students.

Angelina was born in Switzerland, lives in Zurich and has been teaching German for learners at A1–C2 level for many years. Her open-minded and curious approach always leads to varied and interesting conversations. With a healthy dose of ambition, she leads each of her students to their personal goals. Drawing on her further education courses in adult education and almost ten years of teaching experience at language schools, in companies and one-to-one, she works expertly with students’ various learning styles to help them reach their goals. As well as her work as a language teacher, she also writes historical publications. Her most recent book was published by Chronos in December 2018: “Von Nöten und guten Diensten – 100 Jahre kirchlicher Sozialdienst Zürich”, which explores church social services in Zurich. 

Angelina speaks French, English and German. When she isn’t working with languages, she loves dance and movement, a passion that she has been pursuing for 16 years. 

David German Teacher


lic. phil. French & Italian, High School Teaching Diploma, SVEB Trainer

From conversation classes to individual tutoring and structured diploma preparation courses

David has taught at high school as well as at FMS, HMS and IMS for more than 20 years. Over the last 10 years he has gained in-depth expertise and extensive experience in adult education. He makes use of a wide variety of teaching formats, such as language cafés, diploma courses, and individual and group lessons. After gaining the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence for Trainers (SVEB 2) in 2012, he has been continually refining his skills and specialises in facilitation techniques and teaching for individual learning styles. His broad range of experience, his holistic approach to teaching and his customer focus are hallmarks of his modern foreign language coaching. David speaks German, French, English and Italian.

French teachers

Thierry French Teacher


lic. phil. I History, German, English; Mediator; SVEB 1; DELF diploma examinateur-correcteur 

Thierry Benziger is very flexible and adapts his teaching to meet our particular needs. The lessons are pleasant and varied.
— Thomas Odermatt, French lessons

Thierry grew up in Geneva, where he also studied at university. 

He has lived in Winterthur since 1993 and Swiss German has become his second native language. He has extensive experience in teaching young people of all ages, from primary to high school.

As well as teaching in schools, he has been giving French lessons in companies for twenty years. In this role, he pays particular attention to the communicative aspects of language, using specific in-house vocabulary and applying interactive learning methods.

Thierry speaks German, Italian, English and French.

In his spare time he enjoys literature, art and dining with friends.

French Teacher


Master’s in Social Anthropology, B.A. in English and American Literature, Montessori Pedagogical Qualification

Corinne is a very sensitive and empathetic person, who is highly responsive to my needs as a language learner.
— A. Meienberg, French lessons

Corinne’s first job as a teacher was teaching French in Italy. This reflects her bilingual abilities in French and Italian. Something of a language genius, she has also passed The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English and is improving her German. She has a Master’s in Social Anthropology from Paris X University and a Montessori pedagogical qualification. She is also an accomplished author of fairy tales! Ask her about her literature studies. Her wide range of cultural interests include classical ballet, jazz music and Japanese culture and literature. Whether you are preparing for an exam or seeking to improve your conversational skills, Corinne is the perfect teacher for you. Awaken the Parisian within you with Corinne’s help!



The children have made great progress, thanks to Brigitte. They understand the structure and grammar of the French language better now and their spoken French is more fluent.
— S.N., French lessons for children

Brigitte is one of our most experienced French teachers. She has been teaching adults, children and groups with passion, sensitivity and expertise for many years. She is skilled in quickly adapting her teaching to meet the needs of her students. Brigitte is French and is also a Swiss citizen. She speaks very good German and will expertly help you to overcome the language barrier. You are in good hands with Brigitte – she is looking forward to her lessons with you!

Why is my teacher not listed here?

We work closely together with many other fantastic teachers, but are unable to fit them all on one page! If you can't find your teacher on here, don't worry! All teachers are hand-picked gems!

A selection of our translators and proofreaders

English native speakers

Translation and Proofreading


M.A. (Hons) in Languages, Interpreting and Translation (French/German), MITI

Marie has loved languages since she discovered French at the age of four. After picking up German and (now rusty) Japanese, she went on to study interpreting and translation at prestigious institutions in the UK, France and Austria before heading home to focus on her passion for English communication. Since then, she has never stopped learning – and her ongoing copywriting and legal training (she’s a qualified legal secretary!) give her an edge in her specialist fields: business, marketing and law. A self-confessed perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, Marie always makes sure clients receive nothing less than a flawless text that’s carefully tailored to their needs. Whether you need high-end marketing materials, pivotal legal contracts or impressive annual reports, your reputation is safe with her.

German native speakers

Übersetzungen und Korrekturlesen Deutsch


Qualified Translator. MSc in Translation and Conference Interpreting

Karoline knew from an early age that she wanted to work as a translator and interpreter. After successfully graduating from high school, she commenced her studies at FTSK in Gemersheim, Germany. Once she had gained her degree, she pursued her career in Edinburgh. Since 2008 she has been working as a freelance translator and interpreter. She translates from English, French and Russian into German and specialises in IT, SEO, marketing and medicine.
Karoline is involved in professional associations and is an active member of NZSTI, AITI and  DVÜD. She attaches great importance to professional development andregularly attends conferences of translators and congresses in her specialist areas, and participates in Webinars. In 2012 she moved from Scotland via Canada to New Zealand, where she has been living ever since. There she can be found in the summer months in the ocean, enjoying her hobbies of diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Backoffice team




Sarah comes from England and has lived in Switzerland for over 30 years. She has a perfect command of both English and German. She has worked as an English teacher and has gathered 12 years of experience in translating and proofreading for renowned educational institutes and businesses, so she understands the language sector well. Sarah is the owner of and leader of the pack. She guides the company and the team well in her creative and warm-hearted way and with her flair for business. You can always rely on her! 

Head of Translation Services

General Manager


Beate comes from Germany and lives with her family in Switzerland. Her English is of such a high standard that she is considered bilingual, and she has many years of experience in translations. Beate is primarily responsible for translations and proofreading in all language combinations. She will answer any question you may have on these topics and will select qualified translators and proofreaders, who will undertake your project professionally and provide a product of the highest quality. Our customers appreciate her friendly, knowledgeable and extremely reliable character. Get in touch with her – she is always ready to help you!

Head of Language Studies

Carl Head of Language Studies



Carl was born in Stockholm and grew up in Switzerland. He is fluent in German and Swedish and has excellent spoken and written English. Carl studied History, Economics and Scandinavian Literature at the Universities of Zurich, Lausanne and Stockholm. After this he gained an additional qualification in Management and worked as Programme Manager and Associate Dean at two renowned international business schools in Switzerland. As Head of Language Studies, Carl is responsible for the coordination of our language teaching and is your go-to person when you are looking for the right language teacher.

Book Keeping


Susanne supports the team as head of accounting.

Customer Service

German teacher, customer service


M.A. English Literature & Linguistics and History, High School Teaching Diploma

Céline holds a Master's Degree in English Literature & Linguistics and History. In 2018 she completed her teaching degree to enable her to teach in Swiss high schools. She
is from Switzerland and her mother tongue is German. Céline supports the team with administrative tasks, marketing and customer service.

Backoffice assistants

We like food and walkies, and try to keep office morale high!

Photo credits: Stefanie Gautschi Fotografie

Photo credits: Stefanie Gautschi Fotografie

Other team members

To complement our core team of teachers and translators, we collaborate with a number of other experienced teachers, translators and proofreaders.