Proofreading and editing
English, German, French & Italian

Let a language professional perfect your text.

You're right! You write - we check!

You're right! You write - we check!

Why should you get your text proofread?

  • Feel confident that your text sounds more professional.

  • High-quality texts are the key to success.

  • Learn from the changes made, so your future texts will be better.

Why should you choose to improve your text?

  • Quality. All of our proofreaders are experienced and highly qualified native speakers and only a native speaker can get your text to sound right.

  • Full service. We not only check grammar and spelling, but also edit content. Our team has expertise in a wide range of areas.

  • Reliability. We have not missed a deadline since we started in 2004!

  • Complete confidentiality. Your text is in safe hands.

  • Fair and clear pricing. Per word rate.

  • After sales service. Get any follow-up questions answered promptly.

  • Simplicity. Book your proofreading job online in a few clicks, safely and securely. Getting your text proofread has never been as quick and easy!

Who have we proofread for?

What are our customers saying about us? proofread my Master’s thesis for me. The edits were detailed, clean and skilful and the job was delivered rapidly. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend
— Manuel, editing for students
My proofreading job was done very quickly in an uncomplicated way and to a high level of linguistic quality. In terms of value for money it was sensational. I am very happy. Many thanks, dear nativespeakers team.
— S.S., Proofreading

"I found the editing just right, because the content remained exactly the same and the grammatical corrections were very precise."

— Teodoru Kiryakica, proofreading

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What do we proofread?

We have the tools to make your text sound just right!

We have the tools to make your text sound just right!

  • Bachelor's, Master's and PhD theses.
    We offer student discounts!

  • Websites

  • Brochures

  • Sales presentations

  • CVs

  • Job applications

  • Contracts

  • Correspondence

  • MBA and other university applications

Our job is to make your work as good as it can possibly be. Experience the difference professional editing makes. We don’t just alter and correct. Instead, we also mark the changes so that you can always see exactly which suggestions a professional proofreader has made.

With a native speaker on your side you have found a good partner. Sentences which sound as if they were written by a non-native speaker will become a thing of the past!

How much does proofreading cost?

CHF 0.08 per word (plus 7.7% VAT)
or CHF 120.- per hour (plus 7.7% VAT)

Proofreading (English, German, French & Italian) - get an offer / order online
from 108.00
*word count:
*delivery time:
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Delivery time = 3-4 business days

Express rates apply for faster delivery times

Special deal for students! Students get a 50% discount on our per word rate to have their Bachelor's, Master's or PhD thesis proofread! 

Thesis proofreading per word rate is CHF 0.04 + 7.7% VAT. Delivery time is generally 3-4 days. Please contact us by email or phone if you require your text faster! We'll find a way to accommodate your needs.

How do I get my text proofread?

It’s very simple! You email us your text. We email you our quote.
You accept the quote. We send you your proofread document!

STEP 1 Email your text to us

STEP 2 Tell us your delivery deadline

STEP 3 Accept our quote

Remember to tell us if you prefer British or American English spelling if your text is in English!

Take STEP 1 now!

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Want to speed things up and place your order immediately online with a few simple clicks?

Here’s how:

Get your text proofread in 3 simple steps!

STEP 1: GET A QUOTE. Click on the blue button "count my words" and then paste your text into the box. Please note that your text is not saved to our server. You remain anonymous and your text remains completely in your hands until you email your text to us!

STEP 2: PLACE YOUR ORDER. Decide how quickly you need your proofreading done and select the appropriate delivery time. Then select to pay by invoice or credit card.

STEP 3: COMPLETE YOUR ORDER. E-mail your text to us.

Tips to help you save money!

How to improve your text before it is professionally proofread :

  1. Keep sentences simple. One idea per sentence is enough. English sentences are generally shorter then German ones. Read your sentences and if they are difficult to understand, simplify them.

  2. Do a spell-check. This sounds easy, but you would be amazed at how many people send texts to us without doing a spell-check. This will save you money, as it will save us time.

  3. Learn and apply the rules of comma use in English. Click here.

  4. Learn and apply the rules of semi-colon and colon use in English. Click here. blog: